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Flip a Coin Online for either Heads or Tails

Online Coin Flipper

Are you trying to make a 50/50 decision but don’t have a coin handy? You can instantly flip a coin with our online coin flipper simulator. You can either get heads or tails that will quickly help you make a decision.

What is CoinFlipperr?

CoinFlipperr is an online coin flipping simulator. It allows you to virtually flip a coin as if you’re flipping a real coin. This simulator is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have a real coin and needs to make a decision. Both people should choose heads or tails before flipping the coin.

We decided to develop this app because it was hard for us to find a coin when we needed to make a decision. Now anyone can flip a coin wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection! 

Our coin flipper is completely random and can’t be hacked, it’s truly a 50/50 chance.

When to use CoinFlipperr?

You can use a coin toss to decide between something that has two alternatives, some examples include:

  1. Use in sports to decide which side of the field a team will play on
  2. When deciding what to eat between A and B
  3. When deciding who should pay

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Download our Chrome Extension

Download Coinflipperr.com on Google Chrome and enjoy the convenience of flipping coins right in your browser.

Whether you need to make a decision or settle a bet, our tool provides a simple and easy way to determine heads or tails.