How Much Would a GTA Online Property Cost in LA?

In a fascinating exploration at the intersection of virtual realms and real estate, we delve into the cost of luxury living in iconic Los Angeles neighborhoods through the lens of GTA Online properties. Inspired by the virtual landscapes of GTA 5, set in the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos, our findings unravel the parallels between pixelated residences and their real-life prices.

Vinewood Hills (Hollywood Hills)

  • GTA Online Property: $705,000 (Apartment at 2862 Hillcrest Avenue)
  • Real-Life Equivalent: $1,757,500 (Hollywood Hills median sale price)

Nestled in Vinewood Hills, this virtual abode mirrors the glamour of Hollywood Hills living, offering stunning vistas and upscale amenities. Whether strolling along the Vinewood Walk of Fame or enjoying panoramic views, this pixelated residence captures the essence of LA’s prestigious neighborhood.

Rockford Hills (Beverly Hills)

  • GTA Online Property: $985,000 (Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Suite 1)
  • Real-Life Equivalent: $2,775,000 (Beverly Hills median sale price)

A luxurious penthouse in Rockford Hills, this GTA Online property echoes the opulence of Beverly Hills, boasting sophistication and prestige. Amidst the virtual splendor, residents can experience the high life reminiscent of iconic Rodeo Drive, making it a digital gateway to extravagance.

El Burro Heights (East Los Angeles)

  • GTA Online Property: $143,000 (Apartment at 12 Sustancia Road)
  • Real-Life Equivalent: $693,000 (East Los Angeles median sale price)

Situated in El Burro Heights, this virtual residence captures the essence of East Los Angeles, blending diverse culture with affordability. From vibrant street art to eclectic communities, this in-game dwelling provides a digital glimpse into the rich tapestry of East LA’s neighborhoods.

Del Perro (Santa Monica)

  • GTA Online Properties: $200,000 (Del Perro Heights, Apt. 7)
  • Real-Life Equivalent: $1,900,000 (Santa Monica median sale price)

With apartments in Del Perro, GTA Online channels the coastal allure of Santa Monica, offering a virtual taste of seaside living. Surrounded by virtual beaches and a bustling pier, this pixelated haven mirrors the relaxed elegance of Santa Monica’s beachfront lifestyle.

Pillbox Hill (Downtown Los Angeles)

  • GTA Online Property: $235,000 (Apartment at 4 Integrity Way, Apt. 30)
  • Real-Life Equivalent: $570,000 (Downtown Los Angeles median sale price)

Positioned in Pillbox Hill, this GTA Online residence captures the urban vibe of Downtown LA, featuring proximity to city life and modern comforts. From the virtual skyscrapers to the bustling streets, this digital dwelling brings the energy of Downtown LA to players’ screens.

Little Seoul (Koreatown)

  • GTA Online Property: $134,000 (Apartment at Dream Tower, Apt 15)
  • Real-Life Equivalent: $1,820,000 (Koreatown median sale price)

In Little Seoul, this virtual dwelling reflects the vibrant spirit of Koreatown, offering a mix of culture and affordability. From virtual karaoke bars to cultural festivals, this pixelated abode immerses players in the dynamic essence of Koreatown’s community.


Our analysis juxtaposes GTA Online property prices with real estate figures in Los Angeles. Virtual property prices were sourced directly from the in-game marketplace, while real estate values are based on median sale prices in corresponding Los Angeles neighborhoods. The comparison provides a unique perspective on the virtual-economic landscape vis-à-vis real-world housing markets.

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